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Jason từ Anh (UK)
Du lịch cặp đôi
1 phòng ngủ
Đã ở 2 đêm vào Tháng Tám 2013
brilliant for getting away from it all
private beach, great "tents", wonderful staff
It was great, no electricity or internet until 6 pm, when they turn the generator on for a couple of hours. Paraffin lanterns to light your way to bed, private beach with snorkeling and kayaking. And even a couple of nice doggies, who will a company you on any walks, and even follow you round the whole island, if you chose to try and beat the kayak record that is. We didn't even come close
Đã nhận xét vào 03 Tháng Chín 2013

fan từ Trung Quốc
Du lịch một mình
1 phòng ngủ
Đã ở 1 đêm vào Tháng Giêng 2013
Đã nhận xét vào 21 Tháng Tám 2013

jason từ Úc
Gia đình với trẻ lớn
Phòng 1 phòng ngủ Hướng vườn
Đã ở 1 đêm vào Tháng Bảy 2013
Rare island beach mix with tropical rainforrest
Friendly staff, private beach and cloae to nature.
Excellent experience. Never so close to nature, staff are very hellpful, dogs are nice too. Private beach is relaxing. No hesitation to recommend to anyone. I will come again.
Đã nhận xét vào 07 Tháng Bảy 2013

Audrey từ Canada
Du lịch một mình
1 phòng ngủ
Đã ở 3 đêm vào Tháng Năm 2013
Simple living - back to basics and nature.
Variety in the menu - secluded - nice/clean room
This is experiencing nature, living simple in peace, quiet & solitude. The rooms are tent like set up in the hills, very clean and spacious enough for what I needed, with an outdoor open air bathroom. There is no air con & no electricity - you have a little desk fan that you can use for relief from the heat at night that is charged from a little battery that you take down to the restaurant to get charged during "electricity hours" from 6-10 pm each night. You are given an oil lantern for light in evening & to use in your room before bed. I did have a little flashlight with me & it came in very handy especially for using the bathroom at night as you have to unzip the screen etc. Living like this takes some getting used but was cool to experience, I am not sure I would go back as a solo traveler though. The resort is right on the beach however in the water it is rocky, rather shallow & they do get lots of leaves that wash up on shore. There are a few loungers that you can use to suntan. One thing to note - they have a sign that you are not allowed to take the room towels to use on the beach & not to remove them from the room BUT they do not provide beach towels - you have to buy one if you need it. As you can only charge your electronics during the electricity hours and the wifi only worked the last night I was there,I might suggest to bring actual books as my ipad battery ran out quickly & I had to wait to get a charge until evening. They have a book shelf there but there are only a few in English. There was only 1 other couple there for 1 night while I was there so there wasn't anyone to talk with so having an extra book would have come in handy. A neat experience you just need to prepare yourself for living basic. Steps to higher rooms are steep- would not suggest for anyone with mobility issues. 2 nights would have been enough for me to experience solo-maybe busier season would be better.
Đã nhận xét vào 03 Tháng Sáu 2013

Matt từ Hoa Kỳ
Du lịch cặp đôi
1 phòng ngủ
Đã ở 2 đêm vào Tháng Ba 2013
Very good stay, but also very hot
Very relazing and chill atmosphere, good location relative to Phang Nga Bay, good value
Overall, the stay was very good and we are happy we made the stop, but not sure we will make it back. In general, I would recommend this to most people, as long as you are a good sleeper (which we are not). Pros: -The whole atmosphere and attitude of the hotel is relaxing and chill and it is a good place to go to just relax for a few days -The “tents” (closer to a cabana than a tent) are nice and spacious with good bathrooms -We rented a long tail for the day to explore Phang Nga Bay, which was an awesome way to do it, significantly better than being on a large, crowded boat -Food at the resort was generally good, but fairly pricey for Thailand Cons: -It was really, really hot even at night and the fan was small so not too much help, making it very hard to sleep -It was noisy in the morning, due to both natural noises (insects, birds, geese) but also due to construction and landscaping which started really early (like 7 or 8 am) -The cost of getting to the island (taxi and long tail) plus the restaurant being your only dining / drinking option means the resort is actually significantly more expensive than the nightly rate Advice: -Get a tent higher up, the views are much better higher up and the first row tents (“VIP Tents”) have views of a fairly ugly yard, not the water -Do the long tail in Phang Nga Bay -Go to the nice beach 100m to the right of the hotel either in the morning or late afternoon / early evening to get a nice beach without crowds (overrun by day trippers during the day)
Đã nhận xét vào 08 Tháng Tư 2013

SIMON từ Anh (UK)
Gia đình với trẻ nhỏ
1 phòng ngủ
Đã ở 1 đêm vào Tháng Ba 2013
Recommend to anybody who appreciates peace & quiet
The room with ocean view, lovely comfortable bed and the oldy worldy bar restaurant
As always, a lovely welcome on arrival to Naka Yai Island and only 10 minutes by long tail boat. Tentanakara has it all if you appreciate being away from the hustle & bustle of life. The local village is a 20 minute walk, the natives are most friendly and you can get a cheap snack. Day Beach is only a 10 minute walk when the tide is out. This beach drops off day trippers where a few activities can be found along with a quaint bar or two.
Đã nhận xét vào 21 Tháng Ba 2013

Amber từ Hoa Kỳ
Du lịch một mình
1 phòng ngủ
Đã ở 4 đêm vào Tháng Ba 2013
Getting back to nature, away from crowds
the tranquility, the ocean, being out in nature
After the chaos of touristy parts of Thailand, coming home to the peace and quiet of Tenta Nakara each night was a welcome relief. The staff are extremely sweet, friendly, and hospitable. The resort is beachfront, set into the jungle of a quiet island. There is no dock or pier...long tail boats literally pull up onto the beach to drop you off. Front row rooms are actually set back a bit and you can see ocean through the row of trees surrounding the resort and you can hear the lapping of gentle waves. You actually get a better ocean view from the back row of huts, since they are up the hill somewhat. At sunrise and sunset, there is a symphony of chirping insects. We enjoyed watching the fireflies from hut at dusk. This is a place to have a retreat and 'reset' yourself. The only cons are that it can be hot without A/C and it can be expensive to transport back and forth to Phuket (600THB = about $20 each way). Hotel staff are happy to assist with matching you with others leaving at the same time to share the costs when possible. I enjoyed having a massage in a hut, just a few steps away from the ocean. This is a very special place and I hope to return someday.
Đã nhận xét vào 18 Tháng Ba 2013

elizabeth từ Nam Phi
Du lịch cặp đôi
Phòng 1 phòng ngủ Hướng vườn
Đã ở 3 đêm vào Tháng Hai 2013
outstanding position of hotel and accommodation
on the beach with friendly helpful staff and great room with no ceiling above shower
Staff friendly and helpful at all times. The tented accommodation consisted of a large bedroom, wrap around balcony with view of ocean and beautiful gardens and spacious en-suite bathroom where you could shower under the stars. Food was always well presented and excellent with meal times never rushed and totally flexible which was great. No electricity during the day ensures forced relaxation and enjoying nature at its best. My only regret is not spending a further 3 days at Tenta Nakara resort.
Đã nhận xét vào 14 Tháng Ba 2013

Jolish từ Ấn Độ
Du lịch cặp đôi
1 phòng ngủ
Đã ở 1 đêm vào Tháng Ba 2013
Excellent location, Friendly staff, Recommended++
nice location, friendly staff, Quite surroundings, nature at its best
We enjoyed each every moment of the stay. Restaurant is a little bit costly and the free breakfast in the morning is not worth. Very friendly and caring staff. Really amazing and breathtaking surroundings. If you want to experience the nature at its best, it is a perfect place and the room rate is quite affordable.
Đã nhận xét vào 13 Tháng Ba 2013

Claudine từ Anh (UK)
Du lịch cặp đôi
1 phòng ngủ
Đã ở 2 đêm vào Tháng Ba 2013
very relaxing
Nice beach, good restaurant and great view from the hammock!
Very relaxing stay. Spent two lovely days swimming, chilling out in the hammock and working through the restaurant menu. Only negative comment is that the bed in our tent was rock hard and was so uncomfortable that we didn't sleep well.
Đã nhận xét vào 06 Tháng Ba 2013





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